Earlier in the month we embarked on our second triathlon in partnership with Limelight sports, aiming to add more diversity to the sport. After our success at the Blenheim Triathlon last year where we introduced 5 first time triathletes, with some not being able to swim! This year we decided to push the boundaries even further with eight weeks of training. 23 people from the community committed to completing the London Triathlon ranging from 16-67 years old, with the majority of the group being non-swimmers. Every week taking on pool and open water swimming sessions with British triathlon while also committing to running and cycling sessions in support with the Black Riders Association.

On the day of the triathlon it was one to remember for the BADU team and community. Meeting new people and hearing their kind words of confidence and appreciation, made the team feel a lot more comfortable with the task at hand. The group was split into two races, with some doing the Sprint and the Super Sprint races. All 23 participants set off completing their swim, cycle and run in very humid conditions with exhausted smiles and cheers at the finish line. Brimming with excitement and exhaustion, the BADU team received their medals knowing that they had completed The London Triathlon.

First time BADU triathlete Yhan said,

“I still can’t believe I completed this, I’m in utter shock. From drowning in the pool at our first to now completing a triathlon and being able to swim in open water is something I never saw happening. I’m so proud of my achievement and the whole team”


Seeing everyone work tirelessly and pull together to make this happen is really what made this journey worthwhile. With our incredible swimming coaches by our side throughout this journey Wayne Owide, Elena Rodolfi, Sean Parrett and Jon Train gave our community the confidence they needed to overcome this challenge. Our Head of Women in Sport and triathlon lead, Zeniece Hall consistently rallying everybody together, organising training sessions and keeping everyone on point.

Lastly, we’d like to thank our supportive partners who without this wouldn’t have been possible! Limelight Sports giving us access to the triathlon world and wanting to add diversity to the sport. Wahoo Fitness, Huub Design, British Triathlon, Triathlon London, Eighty 4 Red, Black Riders Association and GLL for recognising and investing our potential. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Roll on next year! #thebaduway