The BADU Café officially opened it’s doors in February 2023. The launch party celebration was opened by Mr Badu and his team, welcoming special guest vistitors; BADU Community members and all of those that have supported the journey of the Café from when it was just an idea on paper right through to it’s first serving of the smoothest cappuccino. Light refreshments were served and everyone got to hear from the team responsible for bringing it all together.

“It’s so lovely here. The feeling of being “HOME” has definitely transferred from other Badu spaces to the new Café”


The Café journey has been a long but very much worthwhile journey for the BADU team an community. With initial plans for a Café beginning to take shape in the year 2020, it was a true celebration to officially open the doors of the Café to see the hard work behind the scenes that the BADU Team had been working on. The launch evening was attended by all corners of the community, and friends and family revelled in the achievement to get to this special milestone.

The Mayor of Hackney popped down the Cafe ahead of the event to cut the ribbon with Mr Badu and his team and he was extremely pleased to see the Café at this stage. The last time he visited the space, it was just an empty shell without any of the lovely furniture and finishing that make the space feel so warm and homely. As the evening progressed onto the full event, guests were able to connect with other members of the community – some of whom they may not have been able to connect with during their day to day – and spark new connections and conversations. It was clear from the night that the Café was set to become a hub of creative activity and collaboration for all to enjoy whilst soaking up the lovely atmosphere that the Café holds. The standout stars on the night were the BADU branded reuseable drinking cups that were sold with a portion of the proceeds going directly back into the community to fund ongoing BADU programmes and clubs. Only a small run was ordered for the launch event but an immediate restock was required after a night of steady sales of the cups and keen interest in there being more available.

The design and decor of the Café has been carefully considered and executed by Interior Design studio, Consult by FD working closely with the BADU team to be able to create a space that feels like a physical extension of the BADU ethos. Everyone is welcome and everyone can get involved with what BADU do. Kitted out with electrical and usb points throughout, the Café will evidently become a place for people to pause; and work and collaborate in a space that feels safe and where they will not be judged…. Delicious coffee’s and treats to hand are the added bonus!














Keep an eye out for commnity events happening at the Café. You can stay up to date by following the Café instagram page.

Leaving you with some words that live on the Café’s windows and have inspired many a visitor and sparked thought and conversation with passers by:


“Someone is sitting in the shade today, because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”