The work we carry out on the scale that we do wouldn’t be possible without the corporate partner relationships that we have. The majority of the work that we do for the community requires funding that is far beyond what we can solely provide as a non-profit independent organisation. We work with amazing brands that provide us with funding and resources that make all the difference to what we can provide to our community. Our growth and vision would not be possible without these important relationships.

We always welcome new companies with aligned objectives to get involved in what we do at partnership level. Throughout the year, BADU run a number of different programmes, events and initiatives that provide opportunities for the young people and families that we engage with. We invite and encourage our corporate partners and sponsors to visit and witness first hand, the direct impact their funding has on the people and communities that we serve.

Over the past few years we have been working closely with our corporate partners to deliver the best projects, provision and a safe environment for our young people, the wider community and staff. From our initiatives such as our award winning ‘Bridging the gap’ mentoring programme to our camps and clubs, we would like to thank our new and existing partners for the support that they continue to provide. Our impact and effective outcomes would not be possible without it.

Corporate Partner List:

“We’re excited to partner with an amazing organisation in BADU. At Nutrabolt, we believe in maximising human potential, and making it accessible to all. And we do that through our brands and products, but also through the causes we support. BADU is more than worthy of our support. What they do in the London community is admirable, and I’m proud to support them wholeheartedly. Through our collaboration, we hope to make a positive impact on as many young people as possible, and help them reach their maximum potential through equal opportunity,”

Chris Terry, Nutrabolt’s Europe Vice President & General Manager