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Previewed at the Sky headquarters, A drop in the Ocean was filmed and produced by Joel Akuwudike following the many stories of the BADU triathaletes who embarked on their first triathalon at the London Tri, 2022. The film was a great success and has opened up the floodgates to manymore keen participants and new corporate sponsors for the 2023 triathalon.

In early 2023 the BADU Media Agency was commissioned by rail engineering giants, XRAIL, to create a brand video for a marketing campaign in line with one of their major rail events. The purpose of the video was to personalise the major corporate company as well as celebrate the work XRAIL have been doing over the last decade.

As a part of this year’s partnership with Limelight Sports and Swimthon we were commissioned to create a short film documenting the program beneficiary’s stories. The BADU x Swimathon partnership developed a program aimed at teaching non-swimmers and beginners to swim with the goal of them going on to completing the Swimathon 2023 event day.