Currently a second year biomedical science student at the University of Warwick, I am the founder of the Prosper Networks first university branch, “Prosper Warwick”. I’d like to spread the knowledge that I’ve received from my mentors onto those who were not fortunate enough to be exposed to these opportunities with BADU. This importance of continuously sharing knowledge and information is not emphasized enough and I’d like to help to be the change of that where young people from particular backgrounds are receiving the same opportunities that other communities are.

BADU Mentoring Associate
University of Warwick


Young minds

BADU provided a sanctuary for 21 young minds between the ages of 15 to 18 years old to have a place where they can focus, grow, and achieve their true potential during exam season.


Young people

Through the BADU network of clubs, mentoring programmes, our BADU spaces and social media handles - we reach on average 22,000 young people a week. This number is growing on a monthly basis.



Rate of students from an average of 3.3 increasing to 4.6 by the end of a BADU mentoring programme - students stated that they were confident and informed about the different job opportunities that are available to them.


Went to University

85% of students that have interacted with BADU via our various education led mentoring programmes have continued on to university level in 2019 compared to the national average of 21% from low participating areas.

With society becoming more and more complex, we want to ensure that our students have the opportunity to engage and learn from role models who have impacted their communities in a positive way.

Badu’s network of mentors have lived and breathed London life and understand some of the obstacles that can be thrown in our community’s way. Since its beginnings in 2018, Badu’s Mentoring scheme has become a safe and secure space for young adults between the ages of 14-19 who want to define a path that is the opposite of what society has predetermined. The scheme offers group and one-to-one sessions for any students who wants and needs real life, unconditional and non-judgemental back up.



from Pupil to Mentor

First interaction with BADU: Aged 11, 2009

School: The City Academy, Hackney


Hi, my name is Nadim and I am one of the co-founders of the BADU Prosper Network. I am currently in my third year at the University of Southampton studying Mechanical Engineering. My journey with BADU started as a mentee in 2019 and I then went on to lead the 14-16 year old boy’s mentoring group the year after. I now co-lead the Prosper network. During my time with BADU, I have had the most unbelievable experiences such as working with the Sky Sports team covering the F1 season, but the ultimate pinnacle for me would be when I was given the opportunity to interview Sir Lewis Hamilton for Sky Sports News.


Nadim has always been a focused, driven and ambitious student. Performing at greater depth throughout his early years education and resulting in straight A's and A*'s across the board for his GCSE Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry. With his determination to suceed and great academic progress, Nadim identified that there was still a challenge on taking the next steps when assessing the opportunities that would be available to him whilst interning throughout university and thinking ahead to graduating and on the hunt for permanent employment.

Results & Progress

A final year student at the University of Southampton, Nadim continues to support the BADU team with mentoring initiatives; being a hands on advocate for the organisation and continues to shine as a true success story of a BADU mentee.



AGES 16-18

Badu’s Mentoring Group programme’s aim is to extend support to sixth form or college students by equipping them with the right skills, network connections and resources to ensure they thrive and succeed.

By joining the programme, mentees will have the opportunity to accelerate their personal development journey with a variety of activities. These include one-to-one mentorship, attending keynotes from high-profile speakers and access to exclusive work placements through Badu’s network. 

With all of Badu’s projects, we take a ‘for the young people, by the young people’ approach. Our mentoring group is a prime example of this.


AGES 18-21

The Prosper Network is a virtual resource and support hub, where we take a holistic approach in empowering and equipping driven underserved 18-21 year olds nationally. Our aim is to instil self-confidence in our associates’ identities and capabilities to allow them to recognise their value, to flourish both personally and 

We are a lifelong network, where associates join at the ages 18-21, but we are determined to support them throughout their lives. Badu is an organisation who truly cares for and values young people as they are the future. The organisation builds its legacy on uplifting and empowering underrepresented communities.

We want to continue to inspire the future generations and create alumni spaces for our communities, there is no age or stop to mentorship and there is always room for growth and progression.


AGES 14-21

As well as working with our students and mentees to deliver useful and effective coaching and mentoring programmes, we also want to help continue their personal development in becoming leaders in their own right.  At Badu, young leaders are those who have been coached, taught, or mentored by our senior Badu coaches, and have been recognised as having the potential to lead. 

 The students who are recognised as potential leaders are given increased responsibility to demonstrate their leadership qualities. From running projects, to mentoring younger students, to coaching classes, each activity has their own set of complex problems the Young Leader needs to address and solve, whilst giving the team the right motivation and direction to getting the right result. 


from Pupil to Mentor

First interaction with BADU: Aged 4

School: St. Matthias CofE Primary School


“My experience at Badu has not only equipped me with the skills and resources to thrive, but also enabled me to be a support to other local young people. I’ve been given the opportunity to lainch initiatives that have changed the trajectory of the lives of many young people. ”


Nana achieved the top 1% of GCSE grades in the country, then went on to study economics, chemistry and maths for A-levels. As a result of his great results and admirable determination to succeed in whatever he does, Nana was then offered the opportunity to work as a UK policy officer in the HM Treasury before receiving a scholarship to study Economics at the University of Warwick.

Results & Progress

Now a final year economics student at the University of Warwick and included in the Top 10 black Undergradustes. Nana benefited from a scholarship covering his full tuition fee and is currently an intern at Credit Suisse, one of the largest investment banks in the World.