I just wanted to pass on formally how pleased we have all been with the coaches since they have started here at Shoreditch Park. The kids have really bought into them all as members of staff, to the extent that today a year 11 boy sought out coach to talk to him as a trusted adult.

The standards of our REF room have really improved since they have been in and they are a credit to your company. I will find them tomorrow to pass on my thanks but wanted to let you know also.

Leadership team
Shoreditch Park School


Of schools in Hackney

BADU has worked with 45% of the schools in Hackney and has expanded their operations to include schools in other boroughs such as Tower Hamlets; Islington and Haringey.


Young people

Through the BADU network of clubs, mentoring programmes, our BADU spaces and social media handles - we reach on average 22,000 young people a week. This number is growing on a monthly basis.


Years old

Our work within schools and the wider community has enabled us to really focus and refine our offering of support to children as young as three; their parents right through to their extended families.


Of permanent exclusions

The number of permanent exclusions have reduced from 17% in 2019 to 5% in 2023. This has been decreasing over time due to the re-engagement work from BADU (CITY OF LONDON ACADEMY, HIGHBURY GROVE)

Badu can confidently help you to get the very best out of each pupil by providing a carefully curated range of services developed to supplement and enrich your school curriculum. Here are some of our most popular:


from Pupil to Mentor

First interaction with BADU: Aged 11, 2009

School: The City Academy, Hackney


”BADU coaches focused on my character and attitude as an athlete and student. Them developing my personal skills outside of sport helped me to become a leader within it. This is something I took pride in growing up. Basketball and football were always the sports I was most eager to play during school. With Mr Badu, I remember being selected to attend Saturday football academy sessions with my school football team. It was during this period that I began to understand and see the difffference in the BADU approach to teaching and coaching compared to normal school teaching.”


Jan came into contact with BADU during secondary school in 2009. His talent for basketball and football were undeniable and the coaches at BADU ensured continue to nurture his gift inside and outside of P.E lessons. Since graduating from education, Jan started working for BADU at the age of 17 as a basketball coach, then progressed onto becoming a multi-sport coach within a clubs and schools setting. Five years after becoming a member of BADU’s team, Jan further developed his professional skill set by progressing onto becoming an integral part of the Funding, Media and Marketing team. The hands-on nature of the work has given him the opportunity to experience the planning and preparation that goes on behind the scenes to run a sporting organisation.

Results & Progress

Jan is now a social media executive for a leading media company in West London whilst also contunuing to support our basketball coaches as a mentor.


National curriculum guidance for key stages 1 & 2 teachers for the subject of PE is less than 500 words? Now, compare that to the English curriculum, which is 88 pages.

What are the current challenges in Physical Education?

Physical Education in schools little has changed over the years. No matter how old you are, you will remember playing netball, basketball, athletics, hockey, and football? Is it still the same in your child’s school today?

Since Physical Education in primary schools is not a core subject, a large majority of schools are not adequately prepared due to lack of training, guidance and time. In the case of primary education, it is not a requirement for primary school teachers so unless they choose to be PE specialist teachers, they receive little or no training

What’s the solution? THE BADU WAY!

Badu supports your students and teachers for a fraction of the cost of managing exclusion – with proven track record and successful outcomes!

The Badu Way is an affordable and sustainable alternative to exclusion. Our programme offers a supportive and inclusive learning environment for all students, regardless of their ability.

Our multi-award-winning programmes are recognized by Sport England and the FA as having a significant impact on young people’s lives.

We provide kids with the tools needed to succeed, including education, healthcare, and emotional support. One of our programs is Camp XYZ, which provides kids with nationally validated measures to assess physical activity, self-esteem, teamwork and leadership skills among other things.

Why Badu?

Prior to Covid, we worked with schools across East London, supporting them to get their children active. In some of these schools, we specifically worked with the less active and disengaged children by encouraging them to try new activities that they had not experienced before.

It was not about being the best or having great skill, it was about having fun and allowing all children the chance to succeed. It was great to work with these children to see them develop confidence over time and thrive in the positive environment.


If a child was considered to be struggling in their English or Maths lessons, they would quite rightly be given additional support in some form. However, what happens to a child that is struggling in PE?

It is our mission to provide schools with support wherever possible, so these children do not get left behind.