Since our founding, we have worked with schools within the East London community providing best-in-class programmes that are tailored towards the needs of the individual students, teachers, coaches and schools. Our seasoned tutors and coaches are known to deliver highly engaging and fun-filled classes that will empower and uplift all of BADU students, teachers and parents


At BADU we’re not just your ordinary football academy, our academy ethos is for all our players to develop within a disciplined, demanding and a fun environment, so they’re able to fulfil their full potential. We aim to educate our players to play the game in the right manner on and off the pitch.

Our players’ attitude off the pitch is a big thing at BADU as we believe it is important for all players to try hard at every challenge they may come up against and be disciplined in the game and out of it. We believe by standing by these rules we are giving our players the best opportunity in their footballing journeys.


Sometimes students, families and teachers need more activities built into their routine or just to give everyone a well deserved break. At Badu, we provide affordable extra curricular activities that are designed with a multi-generational approach. 

For students we offer out-of-school-hours sports clubs, tutoring sessions and apprenticeship programmes. For teachers and coaches, we provide continued support with organised competitions, behaviour management courses and residential programmes. For parents and carers, we offer adult only fitness and wellness sessions that are purposefully created to give you time to reset and destress.

We organise holiday camps that are aimed at enriching the student’s own personal development and gaining useful life skills through new experiences. 


With society becoming more and more complex, we want to ensure that our students have the opportunity to engage and learn from role models who have impacted their communities in a positive way. 

Badu’s mentors have first hand experience of some of the challenges East London life can throw at society. With this in mind, they can offer group and one to one mentoring schemes to anyone who needs real life, unconditional and non-judgemental back up. 

Through our mentoring programme, 85% of Badu’s students progressed onto university, compared to the national average from low participation neighbourhoods of 21% in 2019.


The interest of our community is very much at the heart of everything we do at Badu. Not only is our work centred around empowering the next generation to become the best version of themselves, we also are the support system that aims to uplift and assist all parents/carers and families in any way we can. Our ‘can-always-do-more’ attitude, powerful business connections and generous support from our partners have enabled us to build activities, workshops and personable guidance sessions, that show and give the community the tools they want and need to get to where they want to go whilst instilling a thriving mindset


Connect to the transformative power of the arts through BADU. We are committed to supporting creatives between the ages of 11- 35. Whether you’re already an established creative – poet, novelist, playwright, musician, filmmaker etc., or just starting out, we provide a range of projects across a range of creative disciplines for you to get involved in. Our programmes will enhance your skills, networks and confidence to progress in today’s creative industries. When you become a BADU Creative, that means you always have access to advice and  a growing network as you develop your craft.

We aim to make our programmes accessible to those underserved in the arts due to their age, ability, ethnicity, social circumstance, or economic status. We have intentionally created spaces for the authentic narratives of our local communities to be showcased. We will enhance the skills of our creatives by developing their creative practice, through peer critique, masterclasses, mentoring and artist residencies. We support our creatives to create, collaborate and connect with others.

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